I Love Tenerife forever | Tenerife lovers

For us, Tenerife lovers, loving a land means being amazed by its beauty every day, widening our eyes in front of new images of it and experiencing a pleasant sensation in seeing details that remind us of its spirit, soul and essence.



A flag, a color, a perfume or a flavor make you jump, recall experiences metabolized and absorbed by our DNA as if they were printed in us. It is not easy for a place, a land or anything to dig so deeply into us and deposit a feeling so permeated, but when it happens, everything that recalls a detail of our "property" itself becomes a pleasant sensation; have you ever listened to a music or a song that took you back in time, making you feel the same feelings as then and catapulted you into another dimension?

The purpose of us, of Tenerife Surprise, who love the island and live it with the intensity with which you live a pleasant experience day after day, is to recall in you, equally lovers of Tenerife, the constant memory of a pleasant a life experience that for many has also turned into a real "passion" of life.
With our gadgets, our hats, our personalized t-shirts and the embrace of our necklaces we just try to make you feel "the island of eternal spring" ever closer, always with you and ever more at hand, only a distinctive sign (for you) of belonging, of love for your second "home", even if you will physically live it "one off", you can wear it every day !!!

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